Institutional Distinctiveness

Holistic Development of Students:

The mission of M.K.E.S. College of Law focusses on providing a wholesome legal education that ensures that the learners gain in-depth knowledge and enhanced skill of advocacy in different forms. The Institution invests in the overall development of the students along with the development of the advocacy skills, for which the College has adopted an improvement project known as the Holistic Development of Students. This project looks into the wholesome development of the students, by organizing different activities which includes physical and mental health development programmes, debate competitions, presentation on topics of general interest, and one-to-one interaction with the mentors. The students are assisted in understanding the new developments that are taking place in the educational field and are made aware about the importance of health care; the project also tries to inculcate both practical and theoretical knowledge to the students and helps them in achieving a balanced lifestyle so that their holistic development is ensured. As a part of the improvement project a session on “TAI-CHI- Health and Fitness” was conducted by the guest Grand Master Alexander Fernandes which included the talk on health and fitness. The practical aspects of Tai-chi were also demonstrated by the speaker.

Our Institution also ensures that the core values are instilled in each and every student, this is done by beginning every college event with the College Anthem, which through its words reflects the values and ethics that the institution strives to instil in its learners and staff members.

MKES College of Law understands the importance of building leadership skills in its students, and in furtherance of the same ensures that maximum of its students are part of the committees through which they are encouraged to be part of the different events organized. The NSS Unit of our Institution has made tremendous efforts in organizing different activities which focuses on the all-round development of the students. The Unit also conducts social activities which helps in creating a strong sense of responsibility amongst the students and also helps them in developing Human Values.

The Institution being very well aware about the role played by the Teachers, has adopted the concept of Competency Based Skill Matrix and Training Effectiveness where training programmes are organized for the teachers after identifying the field in which they require training. The effect of this faculty training programme is monitored at the end, which reflects the outcome of the training programme conducted for the faculties. This is considered to be one of the Best Practices of the Institution, where the focus is not only upon the development of the College and students but also on the development of the Faculties of the Institution.

Our Institution has also adopted two Projects namely- Project Poshan and Project Patang which aims in creating awareness amongst the students that the future lies in their hands. The College has adopted an Adivasi village at Karambeliwadi, Pen Taluka, Raigad District in 2017. Project Poshan is an initiative which aims in nourishing the malnourished. Under Project Patang, the youth of our Institution visit old age homes and orphanages in Malad, Kandivali and Panvel.

M.K.E.S. College of Law also makes an attempt to identify the learning level of the students in the First Year. This is done by evaluating them through their participation in the classroom, by looking into their performance during both Internal and External exams and by holding meetings with the parents when need arises. Our Institution ensures that the students are made aware about the curriculum through Orientation Programmes. Bridge Courses are also arranged for eligible students who need assistance to acquire a level of proficiency that is appropriate for their chosen programme. The advanced learners are encouraged to participate in different intercollegiate activities and to become the part of various committees. The slow learners are provided with remedial lectures to help them in solving their difficulty in understanding different concepts. Hence, our Institution conducts such activities to cater to the needs of the students and also to ensure their Holistic Development.

M.K.E.S. College of Law had initiated a D.L.L.E. Unit in the Academic Year 2020-21. The objective behind having this unit is to sensitise the learners towards the community and to create public awareness. The students who are part of this unit are also given additional marks in the final exam on completion of 120 hours of the Project. The students of the D.L.L.E. Unit are provided with career counselling by inviting eminent guests for the same. Legal awareness programme is also conducted by this Unit along with a Career Fair which was held by the students of the D.L.L.E. for the M.K.E.S. Law College students.

Hence, such activities and initiatives taken by the College for the Welfare of the students lead to their Holistic Development.

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