Be like a Diamond precious and rare, work hard till success comes your way, Hurdles will soon fade away and you will surely have your way.

Being a prime institute of the city, we aspire to see that every pupil of our institute should touch the pinnacle of their respective stream. We envision that every seed sown by us should flourish into a fruitful tree. Beyond this we implore thee divine for her grace and blessings for us to accomplish our destination.



To achieve excellence in all facets of legal education

M.K.E.S. College of Law, seeks to develop & provide a platform for a wholesome form of legal education by focusing particularly upon imparting in-depth subject knowledge; enhancing the skill of advocacy; social & legal services in the form of legal aid & advice, acknowledgement of contemporary legal issues and law reforms which to a great extent lays the bedroll of modern legal education.


  • To impart qualitative and valuable service in the field of education.
  • To attain community and social development.
  • To ensure and inculcate self-discipline among students.
  • To aim at holistic development of students.
  • To enable students to take up and face challenges in the competitive world.
  • To help students in discovering their latent talents and grooming them.
  • To instil awareness about social and ecological issues among students to make them socially conscious active citizens.