Rule of Bar Council of India


As provided in Section 24(1)(iii) of the Act a degree in Law obtained from any University in the territory of India after 12 March 1967 shall not be recognized for purposes of Section 24 (1)(iii) of the Act unless the following conditions are fulfilled.


  • 1. That at the time of joining the course of instruction in law for a degree in Law, he is a graduate of a University, or possesses such academic qualification on which are considered equivalent to a graduates degree of a University by the Bar Council of India.
  • 2. The Law degree has been obtained after undergoing a course of study in Law for a minimum period of Three years/Five years as provided in these rules, and
  • 3. That the course of study in Law has been regular attendance at the requisite number of lectures, tutor also moot courts and practical training given by a college affiliated to a university recognize by the Bar Council of lndia.
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