General Rules


  1. Students are required to carry their MKES (M.K.E.S. College of Law) student ID Card for entry and use of the library.
  2. This card must be used only by the student in whose name it is issued.
  3. Students are advised not to leave their valuables at the Circulation Desk or in the Reading Hall.
  4. The library is not responsible in case of damage to or theft of personal property.
  5. Entry in the Entrance Register is mandatory in order to maintain library statistics for better services.
  6. The use of mobile phones in the library is prohibited. Phones should be either switched-off or set on silent mode. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in a fine and/or expulsion from the library.
  7. Users are responsible for material borrowed on their cards and will be required to pay for any damage to, or loss of, material borrowed at replacement cost, in addition to an administrative charge.
  8. The library is also monitored by Closed Circuit Cameras.
  9. There will be overdue charges of Rs.10/- per day for General Section books. All items are        subject to recall, if another library user requires them.

10.  The library computer is not for non-academic use.

11.  Any violation of library rules will result in strict disciplinary action. Kindly cooperate with the library staff for serving you in a better way.


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